When you are stuck in the mining process or if you have any query regarding our website then please read our FAQ or contact us via chat, call and email.

What is Bitcoin Cloud mining and how it works?

Bitcoin cloud mining is the process of arithmetic calculations to generate new Bitcoin without the need of costly hardware for mining process.

Is Bitcoin mining is still profitable?

Yes, we always believe that Bitcoin cloud mining is money making process and mining is the best process to get Bitcoin with such a low rate.

Where is digiminer.io located?

We have multiple data centres across the globe for security, reliability and best accessibility.

How can I withdraw my earning balance?

When you reach the minimum threshold for withdrawal you can successfully click on withdraw button and wait for just 24 hours.

Which type of cryptocurrency do you mine?

Currently, we are only providing Bitcoin mining with the help of the SHA-256 algorithm.

Which type of payment method did you use?

We are only accepting Bitcoin at the movement as a payment method.

How can I purchase any package?

Purchase your plan and start earning bitcoins immediately in all platforms including mobile.

Is there any maintenance fees?

We take only 0.00001 BTC fees for datacenters maintenance.